If I Was A Rapper

If I were a rapper, singer, poet, musician, or any kind of musical entertainer (which I’m not), this would be my starting strategy.

It’s 10:31 on a muggy summer night, and my mind is racing with hundreds of thoughts per second. One recurring thought is what I would do if I were a musical entertainer. Here’s the detailed strategy I would follow:

Nurturing a Musically Gifted Child:

If I was a parent of a musical gifted child/ren or a child/ren who shows interest in the musical arts I would. 

  1. Encouragement and Exploration:
    • Fostering Interest: I would first encourage my child’s musical gift and ensure it’s something they genuinely enjoy. It’s crucial to nurture their natural talent while observing their level of enthusiasm.
    • Exploring Music Styles: Together, we would explore different music genres and styles, discovering what resonates with them. This could involve listening sessions, attending concerts, or trying out various instruments.
  2. Investing in Tools and Learning:
    • Essential Equipment: I would invest in a good quality microphone, a laptop, and recording software. Learning to use these tools alongside my child would not only enhance their skills but also create a bonding experience.
    • Encouraging Freedom: Encouraging them to be free with the microphone is important, but even more so, fostering a comfort with performing in front of an audience. Many aspiring artists fear the stage, which can hold them back from crucial opportunities.

If I Were a Teenager in High School:

  1. Leveraging the School Environment:
    • Maximizing Organic Reach: With a school of, say, 1,500 students, I would use this immediate audience as a testing ground to gauge reactions and refine my craft.
    • Building a Fan Base: I would actively perform at talent shows, pep rallies, and any school events where music is featured. I would even inquire about organizing concerts at the school to maximize exposure.
    • Networking: High school provides a unique opportunity to network with peers, teachers, and the local community. I would utilize social media to connect with classmates and build a fan base both in person and online.

If I Were Between the Ages of 18-36:

Determining the Path: Hobby or Business

  1. If It’s a Hobby:
    • Having Fun and Learning: I would immerse myself in the joy of music, learning new skills and techniques without the pressure of commercial success.
    • Karaoke and Community: I would participate in karaoke at random bars, regardless of the distance, join online forums, clubs, or Facebook groups, and simply create memories because why not?
  2. If It’s a Business:
    • Self-Assessment: I would start by being brutally honest with myself about my capabilities, skills, and knowledge in the genre I want to pursue. Am I skilled enough? Do I have the necessary knowledge and experience?
    • Research and Education: If I haven’t already, I would dive deep into researching my chosen genre. Even if I’m not a voracious reader, I would break my learning into manageable chunks, ensuring continuous progress.
    • Budgeting Wisely: Creating a realistic budget is essential. Whether it’s $25 a week or more, I would allocate funds for necessary investments like studio time, photoshoots, video content, and marketing.
    • Networking and Connections: Attending networking events would be a priority to meet like-minded individuals and potential collaborators. Building a strong network is key in the music industry.
    • Business Basics: I would budget for essential business investments: registering my business, understanding the importance of keeping receipts, opening a business bank account, getting a D-U-N-S number, and focusing on building my brand and its credit.
    • Online Presence: Purchasing my domain and any potential future domains would be an early step. If not ready for a full website, I would create a landing page with a newsletter signup and possibly showcase my latest project for purchase.

Believing in Myself and Moving Forward:

  1. Networking: Understanding that networking is crucial—only those who know I exist will know I exist. Making meaningful connections can open many doors.
  2. Collaborations: Finding a main producer who works well with me is important, but I would also explore and collaborate with others globally to expand my reach organically.
  3. Public Relations and SEO: When the time is right, hiring PR would be a strategic move. Until then, I would learn the basics of SEO to optimize my online presence.
  4. Visual Content Creation: Securing a professional videographer or photographer, or collaborating with a talented beginner, would ensure I have high-quality social media content, behind-the-scenes footage, and promotional materials.
  5. Daily Tasks and Ideas: Keeping a dedicated book for daily tasks, ideas, random drawings, thoughts, and plans would help me stay organized and motivated. Acting on these ideas is crucial.
  6. Strategic Planning: Investing in a comprehensive strategy plan and eventually finding a manager who can deliver results, not just promises. They don’t need to manage A-list celebrities, but a proven track record with mainstream artists is important.


I would understand that this journey is going to be one of balance, chance, and significant investments. However, if it’s something worth pursuing, it can, should, and will be the journey of a lifetime. The key is to stay focused, be patient, and remain dedicated to my craft, knowing that the path to success is a marathon, not a sprint.

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    The social tour was a great experience. I was able to be as comfortable as possible when I performed for their “pass the aux” segment. I took a couple tips and pointers from the host. Overall , this might be the best place for content, learning, and growth for whatever your doing .

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