Seven Reasons You Should Shop Local

Seven Reasons Why You Should Shop Local This Small Business Saturday!

Hey there, fellow locals! Can you feel the excitement bubbling up? Small Business Saturday is almost here, and it’s time to shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes of our communities—the small, local businesses that make our neighborhoods sparkle with their unique flavors and friendly vibes.

Now, if you need a little nudge to get on board with supporting these local gems on Small Business Saturday, I’ve got just the scoop for you. Here are seven irresistible reasons that will surely tickle your fancy for shopping local:

  • Neighborhood Vibes: Imagine walking down your street, greeted by friendly faces and colorful shopfronts. Shopping local isn’t just about the goods; it’s about feeling like you’re part of something special—the heartbeat of your neighborhood.
  • Hidden Treasures Galore: Have you ever stumbled upon a quirky item that felt like it was plucked right out of your dreams? That’s the magic of local shops—unearthing treasures and discovering items that make you go, “Wow, I didn’t even know I needed this!”
  • Personal Touch: Ah, the joy of stepping into a store where they know your name and maybe even your favorite snack! Local businesses thrive on personal connections, giving you that warm, fuzzy feeling of being among friends.
  • Boost Your Hood’s Mojo: Did you know that when you shop local, you’re directly helping your neighborhood grow? Your dollars stay within the community, supporting local jobs, and fueling the dreams of entrepreneurs right in your backyard.
  • Cultural Gems: From funky art studios to mouthwatering food spots that serve up local flavors, these places are like cultural treasure troves. They celebrate the unique tapestry of our communities, adding spice and variety to our lives, especially here in Easton, pa. 
  • Eco-Friendly Goodness: Many local businesses are all about sustainability—using local ingredients, reducing waste, and keeping it green. By supporting them, you’re being an eco-warrior without even trying too hard!
  • Empowerment and Fun: Shopping local isn’t just a transaction; it’s a vote of confidence in your community. It’s about empowering local dreamers and adding a sprinkle of fun and quirkiness to your shopping experience.

So, as you gear up for Small Business Saturday, let’s remember the superpower you hold as local shoppers. Each purchase from a local business is like cheering on a friend—encouraging their dreams and celebrating their uniqueness.

This Small Business Saturday, join us in igniting your “Creative Spark”. 🌟 Unlock an creative experience with purchases of $75 or more:

  • Interactive Art Wall Access: Secure your spot on our art wall and be part of our creative community! Please note: The Interactive Art Wall will only be available until the New Year—an exclusive chance to add your touch to our canvas!
  • 20% Off Graphic Tees: Redefine your style with a 20% discount on our distinctive range of graphic tees. Express your unique creativity and make a statement that’s authentically yours!
  • 20% Off Workshops Booked on Small Business Saturday: Dive deeper into your creative journey with an exclusive 20% discount on workshops. Join us to explore, learn, and enhance your skills! 🎨🤓
  • Exclusive Studio Tour Pass: Step behind the scenes into our creative world with an exclusive studio tour. Get ready to draw inspiration and immerse yourself in the artistic vibes! 🚀
  • Raffle Entry for Podcast Guest Spot: Spend $100 or more to enter our podcast guest spot raffle! Share your story and creative passion with our vibrant community through our podcast. 🎙️✨

This Small Business Saturday, let’s transcend the ordinary and infuse your unique creative spirit into our vibrant canvas of artistic expressions. Your purchases not only support local business but also add your uniqueness to our vibrant creative community.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Warm regards,

The Social Tour  🎨✨


With your support you help make it a day to remember, filled with local love, unique finds, and that oh-so-wonderful neighborhood charm! 🌟🛍️✨

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