Experience Pass The Aux – Public Listening Party 

Are you craving a space where your latest music can be heard, appreciated, and critiqued by fellow artists? Look no further than Pass The Aux – the weekly listening party for music enthusiasts and creators alike. Held every Thursday (excluding the third Thursday of the month), this intimate group listening party promises an evening of shared melodies, creative exchange, and networking opportunities.

Pass The Aux is more than just a listening session; it’s a community where musicians come together to support one another’s craft. Whether you’re a seasoned songwriter, an emerging producer, or simply someone who loves music, you’re invited to bring your latest single or composed piece to the Aux.

With each attendee taking turns to share their music, Pass The Aux provides a unique platform for live feedback and constructive criticism. It’s an environment where artists can refine their sound, experiment with new ideas, and gain valuable insights from peers who share their passion.

But Pass The Aux isn’t just about receiving feedback – it’s also about building connections. As you mingle with like-minded individuals, you’ll have the opportunity to network, collaborate, and forge friendships within the music community. Who knows? Your next creative partnership or musical inspiration could be waiting for you at Pass The Aux.

In the spirit of inclusivity and respect, Pass The Aux has a few simple rules to ensure a positive experience for all participants. Songs must not exceed 3 minutes and 30 seconds in length, allowing ample time for everyone to share their work. Each participant may play only one song per rotation, ensuring equal opportunity for everyone to be heard. And of course, explicit or offensive content is strictly prohibited – Pass The Aux is a space for creativity and camaraderie, free from negativity or disrespect.

Admission to Pass The Aux is $15, with the option to bring your own beverage to enjoy during the event. However, for our dedicated members, admission is FREE – just one of the perks of joining our vibrant community of musicians and music lovers.

Ready to showcase your talent, receive live feedback, and connect with fellow musicians? Don’t miss out on the next Pass The Aux event! where every Thursday is an opportunity to celebrate music, creativity, and the joy of shared expression. We can’t wait to see you there!

To purchase your ticket for the next event, click here. Please note that ticket purchases are for the current Thursday only, no exceptions.

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